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Showcase Enterprise Inc. is a full-service, high-pressure specialty cleaning and restoration company that has been helping customers keep it clean for 26 years. With services that represent the latest in innovation, the best for the environment and the experience that makes the difference, we pride ourselves on being a leading veteran in this specialized industry. Our team pledges to help you get ready for tomorrow today, with the best in cleaning and restoration services for commercial facilities, parking garages, concrete surfaces, restaurants, fleets and environmental cleanup.

“Let us help you take care of your business the Showcase Enterprise Inc. way: with resources and services that are innovative, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.” – Brent Cohoon, Founder


Why choose Showcase Enterprise Inc.? It’s all in our 26 years of experience–and in the details. We take pride in providing top workmanship with products and services that are strictly supervised for the best in quality assurance. Not only have we developed cutting-edge cleaning methods that are cost-efficient and effective, but our techniques are environmentally safe as well as compliant with all local and federal laws.

Let Showcase Enterprise Inc. wash away not only the dirt and grime that keep you from looking professional, but also the extra cost and time incurred from relying on inexperienced services in a complex business. We have the manpower, resources, techniques and expertise to deliver the job that will set your business apart from the rest. Our team has the experience that will save you time and money while delivering customized solutions.

Our Services

Showcase Enterprise Inc. prides itself on being the best in the high-pressure cleaning and restoration industry. With specialized, cutting-edge methods and products that deliver solutions to clients of all sizes in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, no project is too big or small. Let us help take care of your business the Showcase Enterprise Inc. way: with services that are innovative, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

If you have questions or are ready to schedule a project, please call 317-781-0078 or email info@seiclean.com.

Our Clients

Showcase Enterprise Inc. is a small business that truly values its customers; client satisfaction is our top priority. To that end, we have a proven track record of meeting—and exceeding—the goals of each individual client with packages that offer customized solutions while saving time and money. Here’s a list of our larger clients:
Texas Roadhouse - Commercial Building Cleaning & Restoration
Sun King Brewery - Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Restoration
Loomis - Parking Garage Cleaning & Restoration
Community Health Network - Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Restoration
McDonalds - Commercial Building Cleaning & Restoration
Ryder - Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Restoration
Kroger - Parking Garage Cleaning & Restoration
FedEx - Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Restoration
Crew Carwash - Concrete Cleaning & Restoration
Children's Museum - Commercial Building Cleaning & Restoration
USPS - Concrete Cleaning & Restoration
Indiana Farmers - Commercial Building Cleaning & Restoration