Environmental Clean Up Services


One of the more diverse services we offer is our environmental cleanup and restoration. We’ve worked on various jobs over the past few years working to contain and clean areas were environmentally toxic chemicals such as oils and grease are released. We offer around the clock services aimed to help you during these emergency circumstances. Our team is trained in the proper protocol for environmental cleanup and is able to respond to a spill quickly and efficiently. We are always on call for your emergencies to get the job done.


Grease Tank Spill

You may ask what some circumstances that would call for Emergency Clean Up. We’ve responded to a variety of events. Our most common calls come from grease tanks spills that are in need of containment and cleaning.  A lot of times either a tank had an adjustment of pressure within their compartment causing air to “burp” and grease to gurgle out of the tank, or during the movement/ the relocation of the tank some material has spilled. These tanks are located at restaurants so it is always imperative that the spills is taken care of as soon as possible to keep the grease from spreading and contaminating the surrounding area.


Oil Leak

Another frequent cause we come across for an environmental spill is due to an oil leak. From time to time a hydraulic line on a commercial truck can have a malfunction such as a leak that causes the oil to pool when they are parked. Or we’ve responded to calls where regular motor oil has managed to leave a decent stain from regular vehicles at work sites or business locations.


Water Main Break

If you’ve ever see the aftermath of a water main break you know that it can be messy. Our teams has been able to successfully maintain mess made by a break as well as clean the area of its wake. Water main breaks can be stressful situations due to their nature. Our crew’s goal is to help take some stress from you by taking care of the clan up in an efficient and thorough manor so you have one less thing to check off of your list.

Residential Cleanup

There have been many times where residents have called us up because they’ve noticed an unsightly oil stain on their driveway that they are looking to have remediation. Our crews are pros at making your problems disappear. The results of the oil clean up are typically dependent on how much oil was released and how long the stain set, however have been able to make a notable difference in the appearance of the stain every time. Typically our process begins with a pre-treatment where we apply a cleaning concoction aimed at breaking down the oil that has set. We let that set for a day or two depending on the severity of the stain and then we’ll come back to pressure wash the stain and cleaner away. The end results are a lightened and some cases completely removed stain. Presto!