As residents of the Indianapolis area we take for granted having the world’s largest children’s museum in our backyard. It is one of the many gems our city has to offer. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis gives fellow Hoosiers a sense of pride in having such a wonderful place to take our children that’s right in our backyard.

Not only does the team at Showcase Enterprise take pride in having a first class museum around the corner, but we also take pride in taking care of and maintaining the exterior of the Children’s Museum. Our business has had the pleasure of working with the museum over the years on various projects targeted to keep the facility looking its best for our community.

Children’s Museum Projects

Some of the projects include:

  • Regular maintenance of the parking garage stairwells.
  • Pressure cleaning the Dinosaur Dome.
  • Cleaning and sealing the Outside Event Tent area to prevent future build ups on its surface.
  • Cleanup of the 30th Bridge.
  • Thorough pressure cleaning of the entire parking garage.

Recent Projects

Most recently this summer, we have kept busy cleaning the Outside Event Tent, Dinosaur Dome, and Parking Garage. Each job is focused on removing “visual pollutants” such as mold, algae, dirt, debris, sand, and so on from the Museum’s exterior surfaces in order to set visitor’s up for a great experience.  With a clean facility the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis can take pride in not only what is inside their building but what’s on the outside as well.

With any job, not just those at the Children’s Museum, Showcase Enterprise goes above and beyond to make sure whatever surface they’re working on for whatever company or individual they are working for is kept “Showcase Clean”.