Texas Roadhouse Roof Cleaning

WHAM! That’s how the finished product hits you after a thorough and professional pressure cleaning has been conducted. Now, some pressure cleanings achieve more of a wow factor than others depending on the material you’re working with and the state of it before cleaning. The pressure washing our dedicated crew recently accomplished on a Texas Roadhouse roof definitely represents how big of an impact a proper cleaning can leave on your business’ surfaces.


Building Relationships

With any of our business relationships we’re always looking for ways to better serve you. Showcase has been fortunate enough to have a relationship with some of the Texas Roadhouse stores in our area over the last couple of years. Therefore we were very excited to help when we heard a couple of stores mention a possible need for their metal roofs to be cleaned. So, the issue with these roofs was that they had a discolored appearance.


Cause of Discoloration

One of the common stresses of running a kitchen is keeping up with the grease and other residues released during the cooking process. Not only is it important to keep up with these substances for appearance sake but also for safety. In the case of the roof we cleaned, it had become a bit dirty over time from attracting grease and environmental residues.

Roof Plan of Action

With the help of a lift our crew was able to clean the painted galvanized metal roof achieving a like new appearance and removing the former discoloration. In order to get this spotless appearance our guys first applied a mild detergent to the roof and allowed it to sit a few minutes to give the active agents a chance to work their magic. Then they vigorously scrubbed the surface to loosen and remove contaminants being as careful as possible to not damage any of the surface area. The roof was then rinsed. The final product resulted in an sparkling clean metal roof.

If you’ve noticed some discoloration on your restaurants roof and are interested in restoring it back to its cleaner former glory please feel free to reach out to our team for more information. Roof cleaning is just the beginning of the restaurant cleaning surfaces we offer for more info on what all we do click here.