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Commercial Cleaning & Restoration

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Showcase Enterprise Inc. prides itself on delivering the best in commercial cleaning and restoration of commercial facilities, parking garages and fleets, along with restaurant cleaning and sanitation and environment cleanup. We currently serve a range of customers that include Kroger Co., McDonalds, the Indianapolis Airport and Fed Ex. With a fleet of high pressure cleaning crews and equipment, we’ve developed that latest in high pressure cleaning services available from a 1500psi low pressure sensitive early century statue to ultra-high pressure 20K blasting.

Not only have we invested in fabricating new cleaning equipment, but we also offer service timelines that are unheard of within the industry due to the years we’ve already invested perfecting our methods.

If you have questions or ready to schedule a project, please call 317-781-0078 or email info@seiclean.com.

Commercial Building Cleaning & Restoration

With 26 years of high pressure cleaning experience for residential, commercial and industrial customers, Showcase Enterprise Inc. has developed leading cleaning methods that are not only cost effective and efficient, but environmentally friendly as well. Our professional technicians have developed cutting-edge cleaning processes and have refined techniques to the specifications and ultimate satisfaction of our clients. Our custom, high quality products are purchased in large volume to ensure the best price and service to our customers. We also pride ourselves on having the most updated equipment available, including equipment designed in house. Thus, our ability to clean hundreds of thousands of square feet per day is unique to our industry.

Parking Garage Cleaning & Restoration

Do your customers get the first impression of your business while parking? The parking area provides clients and visitors with their first look at how you operate. Are your facilities and premises clean, safe and well-kept? Let us help them take the easiest first step toward doing business with you–by feeling safe, secure, confident and impressed. We provide painting, maintenance and repair for parking garages, as well as concrete cleaning, restoration, renovation and maintenance. We have 26 years of experience in concrete repair, garage sweeping, pavement power washing and restoration, provided at affordable package rates or as an individual service.

Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

With harsh climates that can wreak havoc on concrete surfaces, regular cleaning is the key to looking professional while keeping your patrons safe. Pavement debris, surface oil, rust stains and discoloration in high traffic areas are both unsightly and pose safety hazards. Showcase Enterprise Inc. provides businesses, civil infrastructure, public institutions and homeowners with first class concrete and hardscape cleaning, restoration and coating services. We have the experience, resources, manpower and innovative methods to keep your concrete clean, safe and compliant.

Environment Cleanup & Remediation

With environmentally friendly methods and products being not only compliant and forward-thinking but cost-effective as well, Showcase Enterprise Inc. prides itself on being a leader in environmentally friendly contamination cleanup techniques. We’ve developed innovative, high pressure cleaning methods and products that are the best in our industry. Let us apply these quick, affordable and effective cleaning solutions to the outside of your business–so you can focus on the heart of your business.

Restaurant Cleaning & Sanitation

It’s no secret that one of the most challenging businesses is the restaurant industry. The number one reason? Food safety and compliance. Good hygiene in food preparation and service areas is critical. You either are clean and compliant by maintaining a strict and regular cleaning regimen, or you aren’t. The sanitization and maintenance of a food services kitchen—food prep areas and kitchen equipment–is a particularly specialized field in which failure is not an option. A restaurant’s reputation is everything; you need professionals that know what they’re doing. Showcase Enterprise Inc. has a proven track record of methodically removing grime, grease and mold from restaurant food preparation areas and all kitchen equipment to keep your dining establishment running smoothly and safely. Showcase Enterprise Inc. has the knowledge, technicians and tools to ensure your kitchen and food services aren’t only cleaned well–but stay that way.

Fleet Vehicle Cleaning & Restoration

Showcase Enterprise Inc. is a 26-year veteran in providing customized, efficient and affordable truck fleet cleaning and restoration services. We pride ourselves on servicing clients with environmentally safe washes and responsible water disposal. We have the experienced professionals who have the manpower, methods and mission to maintain your most valuable resources and keep them clean.