Parking Garage Cleaning & Restoration

Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis International Airport

Do your customers get the first impression of how professional your business is while parking? The parking area provides clients and visitors with their first look at how you operate. Are your facilities and premises clean, safe and well-kept? Showcase Enterprise Inc. has 26 years of experience in providing customized solutions for concrete repair, garage sweeping, pavement power washing and restoration. We provide affordable rates in customized packages or as an individual service.

Let us help potential clients take the easiest first step toward doing business with you–by feeling safe, secure, confident and impressed. Our team provides painting, maintenance and repair for parking garages, as well as concrete cleaning, restoration, renovation and maintenance.

Our comprehensive services for concrete garages include:

  • Expert pressure washes interior/exterior
  • Power vacuum and mechanical truck sweeping
  • Safe elimination of oil stains, grit, grime and grease from concrete walls and floors
  • Concrete joint replacement
  • Graffiti removal
  • Stain and rust removal
  • Restoration, modification or reconfiguration of parking demarcation lines
  • Complete garage layout change
  • Light fixture and electrical accessory cleaning and replacement
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Showcase Enterprise Inc. is based in Beech Grove, Indiana, and services Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville and the surrounding areas. Call us at 317-781-0078 or email us at to learn more about how we deliver parking garage cleaning and restoration solutions to businesses like your own.

Service Areas

We service Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville and everywhere in between.

Next Steps

If you have questions or ready to get an estimate, please call us at 317-781-0078 or email

For most projects, we meet with you at the project site to access your needs and determine your overall project investment and estimated completion date.

Payment is due on completion of project and we accept all major credit cards or Net 30 payment terms for qualified businesses.