Restaurant Hood Cleaning

There are many checks and balances involved with properly running any business. The restaurant business industry in particular has many cogs that make up its machine. It’s well known that there’s a lot of things that go into running a successful restaurant as well as keeping it open and up to code/ standard. We at Showcase Enterprise aim to help make your life easier when it comes to maintaining your restaurants cleanliness, which includes taking care of your kitchens exhaust hood system. By providing a painless professional exhaust hood cleaning service we help lighten the responsibilities on your shoulders.

System Expectations

Exhaust hood system cleaning is an EXTREMELY important service every kitchen needs. When you’re cooking in your restaurants kitchen you are opening up your business to the highly flammable oil and grease residue that comes along with food preparation. The smoke, oil, and grease residue that get released during cooking enter your exhaust hood system through the exhaust vents and travel through your ducts to your exhaust fan on your roof. The vapor of these by products is disposed of through the fans release on your roof. However the residue remains and clings to your system increasing the chances of a kitchen fire in your building. That’s why it is important to have your system cleaned and maintained regularly to help greatly reduce the risks the residue poses.

Exceptional Service

Our experienced technicians provide a thorough cleaning of the different nooks and crannies of your hood system and clean the system in a way that meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 96 standards. It is our goal to provide the same thoroughness of cleaning we would expect for our own business.

As a result our team is not only thorough in the hood cleaning but also are meticulous in making sure that your kitchen is covered and kept in just as good of a state as we it was found in . More specifically, we provide a full curtain cleaning for each hood, duct, and fan as to make sure that your rooftops and adjacent kitchen areas will be left clean and mess free.

During each cleaning our team takes the time to capture visual proof of the status of the system before and after our cleaning that way we can provide you with some peace of mind. We find it especially important to make sure each invoice is accompanied with pictures of the system since it can be difficult to see the status of the hoods to the naked eye due to its many parts and crevices.

Maintaining Your Kitchen

We know that it can be quite a juggle to keep up with all the cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen so we try to make the process a little easier by helping set up a regular schedule for hood cleaning and adding recurring cleanings to our calendars to give you one less thing to remember. Each hood is left with one of our service stickers so everyone can have that extra reminder of when the system needs clean. It’s important to us to help make sure everyone is on top of your kitchens needs.

Service Areas

We service Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville and everywhere in between.

Next Steps

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Payment is due on completion of project and we accept all major credit cards or Net 30 payment terms for qualified businesses.